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I aspire to find universality within the personal, and intrinsically, one of the most private yet ubiquitous experiences is loss. The contradictory nature of loss, being both instantaneous and infinite, fascinates me. Whether in the context of life, opportunity or any number of other occurrences, one moment or act that is fleeting can cause indelible imprints.


Recently, I began investigating the loss of innocence in conjunction with the loss of faith. My work scrutinizes the paradox where faith is no longer the focus of religion, germane particularly to the Catholic Church and the purview of the public. Regardless of one’s faith, how does one forgive the unforgivable? Does one need to? Integrating the concept of “relics” with distortion of things precious, I try to create a sensory experience, placing the individual in the cross-hairs of recollection and empathy, while contesting the division between memory and experience. Employing light, shadow, sound, and movement, I believe that experiencing a multitude of techniques and mediums in the pursuit of defining one’s vision fosters best practices to actualize concepts. Content should drive construction and I strive to take an interdisciplinary approach to open avenues of thought and diminish the borders of creativity.

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