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The Loathly Lady (excerpts) (2006)


Medium: 2D and 3D animation - advanced animatic

(Excerpts used with permission from Wendy Steiner)

(Client Work) Group Production

Libretto: Wendy Steiner 

Original Illustrations: John Kindness 


I was lead animator and production manager for the project. 



Background: Based on Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath," pilot created to secure financing to produce the entire 80 minute animated opera.

Reciprocal Psycho

Reciprocal Psycho (2002, 2005)


Medium: Claymation with digital compositing

-Chroma-keying, digital compositing, and rendering completed in Adobe AfterEffects

-Designed title in Adobe Illustrator

-Completed sound editing in Final Cut Pro


Sound: "The Murder" Suite from Psycho 1960, Bernard Herrmann


Background: Inverse camera angles of Hitchcock's infamous shower scene, with an additional twist.


guardian (excerpt)(2004)


Medium: Oil on glass

Multi-plane stop-motion animation

-Compiled digital photographs in Adobe AfterEffects


Background: In this selection, my interpretation of how a body forms.

Marco... Polo...

Marco... Polo... (2004)


Medium: plaster casts

Stop-motion animation and sculpture

-Compiled digital photographs in Adobe AfterEffects


Background: I created about 300 plaster casts for this animation. I displayed the the casts in the round so that the viewer could move throughout them and recreate the animation for themselves.

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