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The Adventures of Teddy P. Brains (excerpts) (2007)


Medium: 3D (toon shaded) and 2D animation Animated Children's Feature Film 
(Excerpts used with permission from Artifact Pictures and Fourth and One Productions, Inc.) 
(Client Work) Group Production 
For clips shown: I animated all characters and background elements in Maya; I modeled and textured the environments and props. 


Background: 3D animated feature about a six year old, Teddy P. Brains, and his cousin Tempest and dog D'Artagnan who use their minds in imaginative and creative ways to solve missions while traveling through space and time.

The Loathly Lady (excerpts) (2006)


Medium: 2D and 3D animation - advanced animatic

(Excerpts used with permission from Wendy Steiner)

(Client Work) Group Production

Libretto: Wendy Steiner 

Original Illustrations: John Kindness 


I was lead animator and production manager for the project. 



Background: Based on Chaucer's "The Wife of Bath," pilot created to secure financing to produce the entire 80 minute animated opera.

Reciprocal Psycho (2002, 2005)


Medium: Claymation with digital compositing

-Chroma-keying, digital compositing, and rendering completed in Adobe AfterEffects

-Designed title in Adobe Illustrator

-Completed sound editing in Final Cut Pro


Sound: "The Murder" Suite from Psycho 1960, Bernard Herrmann


Background: Inverse camera angles of Hitchcock's infamous shower scene, with an additional twist.

guardian (excerpt)(2004)


Medium: Oil on glass

Multi-plane stop-motion animation

-Compiled digital photographs in Adobe AfterEffects


Background: In this selection, my interpretation of how a body forms.

Marco... Polo... (2004)


Medium: plaster casts

Stop-motion animation and sculpture

-Compiled digital photographs in Adobe AfterEffects


Background: I created about 300 plaster casts for this animation. I displayed the the casts in the round so that the viewer could move throughout them and recreate the animation for themselves.

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